Cuban Missile Crisis

Topics: Fidel Castro, Cuba, John F. Kennedy Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Cuban Missile Crisis: Outcomes
4) Right after the Cuban Missile Crisis the trade relations between the US and Cuba begin to deteriorate. The then president, John F. Kennedy, decided to ban trade with any item with Cuba except for non-subsidized food and medicine. And then a year later ban financial transaction with US citizens to Cuban citizens. It was basically an embargo that surprisingly still stands to this day. In 1980 an event happened that 10,000 Cubans ran into the Peruvian embassy, and then requested political asylum. Castro then said that any of those people wish to leave and are in political asylum, they could do so. 125,000 Cubans went to the United States, including political and economic refugees and also criminals and mental patients. 5) The Cuban Missile Crisis basically brought bad relations between the two countries, since 1962. The two countries basically had no relations with each other for more than 40 years, and the US only decided to open an “agreement” in 2001 when Bill Clinton had shaken Castro’s hand. Other US presidents like Reagan in 1981 only had made the relationship even stricter, by re-establishing the travel ban, and prohibiting US citizens from spending money in Cuba (including Cuban government officials). But even before that the relationship was worse, especially when Cuba shot down two unarmed American Cessna 337s that had flown over “Cuban Airspace” in 1996. This resulted in the death of four Americans. They generally in bad waters and in 2009 Obama is trying to implement a less strict policy with Cuba, and even remove the embargo if they have a “political change”. 6) Life in Cuba nowadays resembles a mix of the 1950s US look and a communist country. There are political billboards all over Cuba, on roads, streets, classrooms and even hand-painted on private Cuban homes. These billboards often pay homage to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Argentine revolutionary who helped Castro reach power, Che Guevara. Even to this day,...
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