CU 1682

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CU 1682:

Understand and enable interaction and communication with individuals who have dementia:

Understand the factors that can affect interactions and communication of individuals with dementia:

1.1: Explain how different forms of dementia may affect the way an individual communicates:

Forms of dementia are all different therefore the individuals will be affected in different ways when it comes to communication, for example; one individual may find it difficult to express their words where as another individual may speak more fluently but their sentences not make any sense.

The individual depending on what type of dementia and how far into the stage they are may find other ways communicating such as; using body language, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and tone of voice.

1.2: Explain how physical and mental health factors may need to be considered when communicating with an individual who has dementia:

Physical and mental health factors will also need to be considered when communicating with someone who has dementia, for example somebody who is deaf and has hearing aids will need to make sure that the carer has put the hearing aids in correctly, that they are switched on and turned right up. The carer will also need to speak in a loud and clear tone of voice to able the individual to communicate more easily. The carer will need to make sure the individual has their glasses on if they wear any so that the carer can keep direct eye contact with the individual so the communication is better. For physical health factors the carer will need to consider that the individuals may be in pain or have discomfort which will more than likely affect their communication.

1.3: Describe how to support different communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia who has a sensory impairment:

People with dementia may need extra support with different types of communication abilities when it comes to sensory impairment, for...

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