Cttls Optional Unit

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Egalitarianism Pages: 3 (585 words) Published: August 17, 2010
UNDERSTAND THE KEY FEATURES OF A CULTURE WHICH PROMOTES EQUALITY AND VALUES DIVERSITY EXPLAIN THE MEANING AND BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY AND THE PROMOTION OF EQUALITY Whether you are a large multinational company, a small business or a freelance worker, it pays to know about equality and diversity in the workplace – to act within the law and to make the best of your workforce and your business opportunities. Equality is the current term for ‘Equal Opportunities’. It is based on the legal obligation to comply with anti-discrimination legislation. Equality protects people from being discriminated against on the grounds of group membership i.e. sex, race disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or age. Diversity implies a wide range of conditions and characteristics. In terms of businesses and their workforces it is about valuing and reaping the benefits of a varied workforce that makes the best of people’s talents whatever their backgrounds. Diversity encompasses visible and non-visible individual differences. It can be seen in the makeup of your workforce in terms of gender, ethnic minorities, disabled people etc., about where those people are in terms of management positions, job opportunities, terms and conditions in the workplace. Diversity is about respecting individual differences, and people's differences can be many and varied as explained in Ann Gravells & Susan Simpson (2009, p5) book “Equality & Diversity”: •Race

National origin
Sexual Orientation
Marital Status Politics
Socio-economic differences
Family structure
And more
Embracing equality and diversity brings to an organisation a wide range of experience, ideas and creativity whilst giving the individual employee a feeling of being enabled to work to their full potential. Combined together, equality and diversity drive an organisation to comply with...
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