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Certificate in Teaching in the

Lifelong Learning Sector


City & Guilds 7304

|CTLLS | |Initial Assessment |

John Neil


Please replace the “Candidate Name” one the above page with your name, thank you.

The purpose of this document:

City and Guilds require that a “thorough” initial assessment is carried out prior to the start of a CTLLS course. Consequently we are giving you the opportunity to assess your own level of knowledge and understanding of the course content and share the results with your course tutor. We expect varying standards from a high level of knowledge and understanding to a far lower level too. Experience does not equal knowledge, understanding or skill! This document is yours and will not be shared with anyone on the course.

There are 8 tasks to complete below, please ensure you read through all tasks carefully. These are not tests and it is critical that you complete these so we both gain an appreciation for which areas you wish/need to discuss. Once we receive this document it and those from other delegates will be used to assess how much time should be spent on various topics. Please remember to send the document back to your tutor at least 1 week prior to the course.


The “Training Case Study”

Please read “Training Case Study” below. At the end of the case study you will find a free text area for you to write any thoughts you have with regard to the topics of “Equality and Diversity” and any other comments you wish to make about the trainer and how he delivered his training session.

For tasks 2 to 8, please read through the information and highlight like this, those areas you wish/need to discuss and clarify further during the course. This way you and your tutor will be able to get an idea of your existing knowledge and requirements prior to the structure of the course being confirmed.

How to highlight text - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieR2DEBzo5E

Unit 2 - Planning and Enabling Learning - Theory

Unit 2 - Planning and Enabling Learning– Practical

Unit 3 - Principles and practice of assessment - Theory

Unit 3 - Principles and practice of assessment - Practical

Minimum Core

Optional Unit 1 – Equality and Diversity - Theory

Optional Unit 1 – Equality and Diversity - Practical

Top of document

Training Case Study

Peter is running a training course on “Indents” in MS Word to a group of 6 students. One of the students is in a wheelchair, one student is deaf but is an excellent lip reader who doesn’t required a signer. The session is due to be 15 minutes long. Below are some extracts of Peter’s behaviour and speech.

Peter says:“Welcome to you all, thank you for coming. We discussed your experience in the last session and we are going to continue with Word indents.”

Peter action: He turns to the white board and tells the group what exactly is going to be covered in the 15 minutes.

Peter action: He shows the following slide:


Peter says:I’d like you all to come up and write your objectives on the board so that I know what you are looking for in this session” He turns to the wheelchair user and says “I don’t want you to miss out on this part of the session so if you can’t reach the whiteboard one of the normal delegates will help you out”

Peter action: He starts to run a very clear and well designed demonstration of how to create indents in Word. He is clear in his speech and gives some excellent shortcuts he does this whilst facing the whiteboard.

Peter says:“We are going to set out indents to ½ inch which I think is about 4 cms. Have a play to make sure that you are comfortable whilst you are doing that I shall be checking my emails”

Peter action:Cath is struggling and tries to catch Peter’s eye but he is busy...
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