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Critical Thinking #5
To focus firmly on the “you” view, writers should scrub all uses of I and we from their writing. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I disagree with writers scrubbing out all uses of I and we from their writing, but they should try to use those words as little as possible. It is true as stated in the book the catchiest words you can use are you and your. When we as consumers, see an ad or talk to a representative, we want to know how or where we are being benefited and not see or hear a bunch of I’s or we’s. The flipside of removing those words are responses possibly becoming too wordy. There is an example in the book on pg. 43 that I have put below where I believe the “You” view would have to be changed to; [Would you mind releasing your account number so your records can be located and this problem of yours can be solved?] I changed it this way because if removing those two words you would also have to remove me as well. Now I believe it does not sound as polite as the original change. Some I’s or we’s are necessary to sound polite and let consumers know that although this is about them, the business is not completely removed from interacting with them. “I/We” View

“You” View
I need your account number before I can do anything
Would you mind giving me your account number so that I can locate your records and help you solve this problem?
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