CT257- Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights In Health, Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings.

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CT257- Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights In Health, Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings.

As part of your qualification you are required to have an understanding of your Employment responsibilities and rights. This unit is made up of an online test. To help you to prepare for this test please complete the workbook. This workbook covers:

Statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers Awareness of own occupational role and how this fits in within the sector Agreed ways of working with employer
Career Pathways
Issues of public concern and how these may influence changes within the sector When completing this workbook some useful websites include:- www.acas.org.uk
The unit is separated into three parts- please work your way through the below to prepare for your test. 1.1 List aspects of employment covered by law
Minimum wage
Hours worked
Health and Safety
Holiday entitlements
Redundancy and dismissal
Disciplinary procedures
Union rights + consultation

1.2 List main features of current employment legislation

Employment rights
Equality + discrimination law
Health and safety

1.3 Outline why legislation relating to employment exits-
To protect both the employee and employer legally, it also prevents employees from being taken advantage of by their employer. It also prevents any form of discrimination


1.4 Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and laws

There are terms and conditions included in your own contract of employment, these should be in your personal file which you may access at anytime. Any further questions your boss should be able to help with. There are also several laws and legislations that are relevant which can be accessed through the internet/library. Any concerns you have about your employment you can go to the citizen’s advice bureau. There are also several websites that can come in useful such as: Directgov

Citizens advice bureau

This section is all about your own work setting:-

2.1 Describe terms and conditions of your own contract of employment Hours
Places of work
Nursery dress code
Date employment started
Hours of work
Holiday entitlement
Sick pay
Details of disciplinary procedure
Details of grievance procedure

2.2 Describe the information shown on your own pay statement Pay period
Pay date
Pay type (Monthly)
Payment method (BACS)
Tax code
NI number
NI table letter
Year to date –
Taxable Gross Pay
Income Tax
Employee NIC
Employer NIC
Payments –
Basic Pay
Total Payments
Deductions –
Income tax
National Insurance
Total Deductions

Net Pay

2.3 Describe the procedures to follow in an event of a grievance

If an employee has a formal grievance relating to their employment they should put a complaint in writing to their manager. If the grievance is against the manager, address the complaint to an alternative manager. A manager will then invite the employee to a grievance meeting to discuss grievance, the employee has the right to be accompanied to this meeting by a trade union official or fellow employee. The employee must take all reasonable steps to attend this meeting. Following the meeting the grievance will be responded to as soon as possible (within 5 working days) if it is not possible to respond within this time period the employee will be given an explanation for the delay and told when a response can be expected. The employee will be informed in writing of the decision on the grievance and notified of their right to appeal against that decision if they are not satisfied with it.  If the employee feels their grievance has not been resolved they can then appeal in writing to a more senior manager within five working days of the grievance decision. The more senior manager will arrange...
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