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CSW Speaker Eval

By shewantsthevic Apr 20, 2014 850 Words
Communication Strategy Worksheet

Name: Victor Ozieh
Assignment: Speaker evaluation Memo

Please type your responses in this column.
It will lengthen as needed. Proofread the form carefully.

What is the general purpose of your message?

What is the specific purpose?

Inform  Persuade  Collaborate

Persuade Jan Costello to invite Simon Sinek to speak to the students at the First Annual Business Communications Speakers Conference, because of the benefit to the students Audience Profile
Who is your primary audience?

Provide relevant details about the audience and the audience’s place of employment. List his or her professional position, demographic characteristics, beliefs, culture, attitude, motivating forces, and stressors. Describe the mission, market, and challenges of the business/organization the person works for, focusing on the areas that are relevant to your purpose. What current events significantly affect the company or organization?

Jan Costello

BCOM professor acting as the figurehead for the entire BCOM department . Employed by Georgia State University. Professional culture. Stressors include providing relevant and beneficial instruction to the students. Challenges are selecting speakers to maximize benefit of the students.

What is the audience’s probable reaction to your message?

What does the audience already know about the subject of your message?

 Positive  Receptive  Negative
Skeptical  Resistant

That I evaluated a speaker and will make a reccomendation

List the ways that accomplishing your purpose will benefit the targeted audience. Student can learn a lot from the speech that Simon Sinek delivers and the way he delivers it Style and Tone
What impression do you wish to make on the audience?
What style of language will you use?
What tone will you use?

Professional  Credible  Polite

 Plain English (vigorous, concise, clear)
 Formal  Conversational  Informal
List the key points you must make and the evidence you must provide to accomplish your purpose. Keep in mind how much information your audience prefers to receive. (For oral presentations, put “See Outline” and provide the outline.)

See Memo
Which approach is best: direct or indirect?

What is the best way to organize the content for this message?

How will you make it easier for the audience to grasp your main points? You may choose more than one.

 Direct  Indirect


 Short Paragraphs  Headings  Subheads
 Bullets  Lists  Charts  Graphs
 Other (specify)  

 Oral Roadmap  Signpost Transitions
 Mini-summaries  Visual Aids
 Other (specify)      

Which medium are you using? Why is it appropriate for your purpose, situation and audience?

 Written  Oral  Electronic


After you complete each draft of your written message, use the spelling and grammar check available on most word processing programs. Fill in the readability information in the chart below. Directions for Word and Mac users are on the next page.

Measure your progress on each draft. You must complete at least one column of this chart. You may fill it in by hand or type it.

Aim for 0% passive sentences and a grade level of 6 – 9.

2nd draft
4th draft
Passive sentences
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

Directions for setting the online grammar tools.
(You DO NOT need to turn in this sheet.)

Use Microsoft Word to Help You Improve Written Assignments
Microsoft Word offers a useful grammar and style check.
You can activate this function by doing the following*:
1. Click the Microsoft button (upper left)/Word options/Proofing. 2. Put a check mark in all of the boxes under the “When correcting writing and style in Word” subhead. 3. Set the Writing Style to “Grammar and Style.”

4. Review the Settings, and select those you want the program to check. I recommend putting a check mark in all of the boxes. 5. Return to your document.
6. Click on Review/Spelling and Grammar. Word will guide you through a review and alert you to problems. 7. Examine the final results. Word will tell you how many passive sentences you have. Aim for no passive sentences. Word will tell you how easy your document is to read, using the Flesch-Kincaid test. Shorter sentence with simpler words are easier to read and comprehend. Aim for a 6 – 9 grade reading level. 8. Enter the results of the test in the form below.

9. To recheck the document, you must reset the form. Execute Step 1. Then click on the Recheck Document icon. Click OK. Then, follow Steps 5-8. *These instructions apply to Microsoft Word 2007. For other versions, click the help button and search for grammar/style check. You may also review the video, Using Online Proofing.

Mac users also have online grammar and style tools.

1. Go to Word --> Preferences --> Spelling and Grammar
2. Under "Grammar," check the following: Check grammar as you type; Check grammar with spelling; Show readability statistics. 3. For "Writing Style," you can leave it on Standard or change it to Formal. 4. Check every box.

5. Click "OK" to close that box, then click "OK" again to get out of the preferences box. 6. Go to Tools --> Spelling and Grammar. Word will guide you through any mistakes it finds. It will present readability statistics at the end. For more information, go to:

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