CSS 422 Week 3 Individual Assignment NET vs. Java

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This paperwork of CSS 422 Week 3 Discussion Questions and Summary shows the solutions to the following problems: DQ 1: Based on Kruchten et al. (2009), how is a decision view different from an architectural view? Would a decision view lead to higher quality software? Why or why not? DQ 2: What are API's? What is the relevance of an API to the architecture of a software product? How should the API support this architecture? Computer Science - General Computer Science

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CSS 422 Week 3 Individual Assignment NET vs Java

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Week One Discussion Questions

·  What is software architecture?  Why do we study it?  How does architecture relate to better software?  Based on Booch’s Week 2 (2007) article, explain the relevance of software architecture.

·  Based on Rettig’s (2007) article, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the assertion that enterprise software in large organizations has not delivered on its promise.

·  Based on Scott’s (2007) article, recommend whether your company should build, buy, or outsource enterprise software.

Week Two Discussion Questions

·  How practical is it for an entire enterprise to have only architecture of object-oriented software?

·  Based on Booch’s (2007) article, compare architecting software to architecting a house. What are the lessons learned from this comparison?

·  Based on Sommerlad and Noble’s (2007), explain how you would use design patterns when designing software.

Week Three Discussion Questions

·  What are the advantages and disadvantages of application programming interfaces (API) that is library based?

·  What are the advantages and disadvantages of APIs based on extensible markup language...

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