csr of the aviation industry

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Akif Kurtulus


As the population increases the airline industry must adapt to some positive changes. The airline industry must consider the needs of the environment and the destinations that are on high demand. Although there are current developments towards a corporate social responsible way of approaching new business model at this stage the airline industry, and the governments are failing to meet the demand of a sustainable future.

What is Corporate Social Responsible (CSR)

CRS is an environmental and socially friendly approach towards how we do business. It is the moral initiatives taken by the stakeholders around a product or a service. This involves from the start of production to the end user. United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainable development as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Corporate social responsibility challenges business from the initial responsibilities of which; “to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition without deception or fraud” (Milton Friedman) to a more process driven economical, environmental and society based business strategies and management.i


The pleasure of flying is not comparable to any other feeling, especially if you are flying to a leisure destination. In U.S. leisure travel makes up 72% of the market versus 28% of business travel.ii These families and individual are flying to worldwide destinations with out and awareness of economical, environmental, and social destruction they can cause, because the Airline industry is separate from the tourism industry there are minimum initiatives taken towards a globally sustainable development in air travel and tourism. From start to finish fuel consumption of the airplane, to waste production of passenger, and unregulated hotel management, to extend of economical and environmental damage done by tourists is universal. We must create a robust management framework that considers the corporate social responsibilities of not only airlines but also all the stakeholders in this global industry.

Stake Holders

When is comes down to global There are number of essential stakeholders when challenging aviation industry to take initiative on reducing their carbon footprint.


When asked about what are the top industries in the world it is not often that Travel industry comes in the mind. It is because of it complex ingredients combined into industry. When you add up all of the side industries that support tourism there is no doubt that the travel industry is the largest in the world. These side industries include all of resources a destination offers for instance; Food, Hotels/Hospitality, local transportation & air travel etc.

Statistics show that 3 Million people fly per day. 3.6 billion tourists will hit the road in 2016 generating over a trillions of dollars.iii The average airline passenger generates 1.3 lbs. of waste per flight. In 2008 there were 678-million airline passenger trips were made in United States alone. There has been minimum initiative towards reducing reusing, recycling in the airline industry. 75 percent of the waste that has been generated by the airline is recyclable, but only 20 percent is recycled at the moment. iv

Reducing consumption must be the forefront when dealing with waste in the airline industry. There is an extensive room for growth for design thinking in reducing airline waste. The whole experience of flying can be adjusted to a more eco- friendly lifecycle. Food Waste, Paper, Plastic, Wood,...
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