Csr Is Important

Topics: Coca-Cola, Marketing, Natural environment Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: December 26, 2012

Does social responsibility & morality have a role in business?

Yes,I think so. Any business will have various stakeholders such as investors, employees and customers etc. Before investment, investors will consider the company’s reputation, which involves the aspect of CSR.And customers become increasingly care about the environmental and social effect of a business. A company that fulfills its social responsibility will gain a more sustainable future than a company who fail to do so. The Coca-Cola company insists on “doing the right thing”, sparing no efforts in social responsibility, especially in the aspects of environment and community. These efforts bring the Coca-Cola Company a good reputation and more profits, contributing to make it maintain the most valuable brand.

Is CSR compatible with survival in the highly competitive global market place?

At first, I think CSR will cost much of a company but without remarkable results in the short term. But the case of The Coca-Cola Company tells me if you have a profound system like the eKOsystem and The Valued Youth Programme of The Coca-Cola Company, it will gain a powerful influence on people. Through these activities more people get to The Coca-Cola Company and trust this company, which is better for its sustainable development. And nowadays, sustainable development is much more important than immediate interest.

Do companies really care about these issues or is CSR another marketing strategy designed only to increase the firms profits?

The Coca-Cola Company really cares about CSR as it has insisted on meeting the social responsibility for decades and still makes an improvement to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by its business. I think some companies really care about CSR like The Coca-Cola Company but more company have CSR be another marketing strategy designed only to increase the firms profits. Nowadays, the economy is developed, most of markets are mature and many...
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