Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Motivation Pages: 9 (1794 words) Published: January 28, 2015

1.1 Citation

Vida Skudiene Vilte Auruskeviciene, (2012),"The contribution of corporate social responsibility to internal employee motivation", Baltic Journal of Management, Vol. 7 Iss 1 pp. 49 - 67

1.2 Introduction

This article shows that the positive contribution of CSR to the internal staff. It was found that the reason for encouraging the employees motivation is corporate social responsibility.

1.3 Aims and Research Methods

In the survey, 274 staff come from the largest company of Lithuania to undertook the CSR events. The research hypotheses were tested using correlation and regression analysis using factor scores from a principal component factor analysis.

1.4 Scope – Analysis, Findings and Results

The findings of the paper is proposed that external and internal of the corporate social responsibility positively related to the staff motivation. Internal corporate social responsibility is considered to be a more useful correlation to motivate the internal employee than external CSR. For the external CSR, customer related activities showed that internal staff motivation is stronger than local groups and business associates concerning CSR activities. It was found that the relation between the internal staff motivation and business associates related CSR activities is the weakest.

1.5 Usefulness

Managers could solve the practical problems through using this research, and they could facilitate employee internal motivation by using the areas of corporate social responsibility in order to increasing the interests of the company.

1.6 Limitation

This article is restricted to one country, so further studies are necessary to be carried out in other countries. The researches conducted during economical recession. For general results of the assessment, it is recommended to do the research again and again in a steady economy circumstance.

1.7 Critiques and Challenges

The paper of the author pointed out the important relationship between the internal staff motivation and the CSR activities, but the research only have one country and single economic environment, so this view needs more research to confirm. It is difficult to carry out because of the different employees and the relationship is not clearly define.

1.8 Conclusion

The relationship between corporate social responsibility and internal employee show that there is a positive connect between the corporate social responsibility activities undertake by the loyalty of the company and the employee satisfaction team. Internal CSR was found stronger related to internal employee motivation than all the external CSR dimensions. The relation was between internal employee motivation and business partners-related CSR activities is weaker. In summary, to undertake the CSR activities towards staff, customers, local groups and trade associates would cause the strengthened staff intrinsic motivation.

1.9 Reflection

In my opinion the study is limited to one country and one type of the economic, so we must extended in the further research. This study helps managers to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the paper gives that the CSR activities could enhance internal staff motivation.

2.1 Citation

Francisca van Dijken, (2007),"Corporate social responsibility: market regulation and the evidence",Managerial Law, Vol. 49 Iss 4 pp. 141 - 184

2.2 Introduction

A lot of people have been written the CSR is very important. Small reflection has occurred in the market to achieve effective supervision of the role and behavior change through the analysis of the stock value in this field. This article aims to fill that black.

2.3 Aims and Research Methods

The Dow Jones sustainability index 90 shares of the United States were selected for company to “the value of corporate social responsibility”of the samples. The characteristics of these distinct shares was analysis by comparing their income and relative indicators, with...
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