CSI whats real and whats not

Topics: CSI: NY, Mac Taylor, DNA Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: November 18, 2013

CSI Whats Real, What's Not
CCJS101: Introduction to Criminal Investigation

Want to be a crime scene investigator? That's great, except that it is nothing like the shows CSI that you may watch on television. I personally love the CSI: NY television show, but I also know that it is nothing like that in real life. I watched a CSI: NY episode called "Get Me Out of Here". I am going to talk about the show and then what it is like as a real crime scene investigator.

First a quick synaposes of the episode. First, for anyone who is not familiar with the show it consists of New York police officers who work in the crime lab and a few crime lab techs that all work together to help solve crimes. You have Mac Taylor who is the head of the crime lab, Jo Danville who is the next in rank, Danny Messer who is a police officer that works in the crime lab, Sheldon Hawkes who was a medical examiner that now works in the lab, Dr. Sid Hammerback that is the medical examiner, Lindsay Monroe who works in the lab, Adam Ross who works in the lab and is a tech genius, and Don Flack the detective that works closely with the rest of the team. The episode that I watched starts out with a group of teenagers playing flashlight tag in a cemetary. A girl falls into a open grave right on top of a recently murdered young man. The police and crime investigators show up and the show starts off. Mac Taylor, Jo Danville, Don Flack, Lindsey Monroe and Danny Messer are all there going through the evidence, talking to the teenagers and trying to put a time line together. The body is taken back to the medical examiners table where Dr. Sid is looking over the body for evidence and cleaning it up to see what the cause of death was. The rest of the team is looking over the evidence that was collected at the crime scene. They found a beer can with writting on the bottom of the can. They figured out that the dead boy was a senior...

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