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To maintain a commitment to professionalism
As a teacher of young children I am aware of my disposition at all times. Being professional is very important in a child care setting. One of my roles is to serve as a positive role model to the children in my child care. I dress appropriately to work effectively with young children. My co-worker and I wear scrub tops, except in summer when hot out. The scrub tops we wear have Disney characters on them, and the kids love them. I am knowledgeable of my profession, and I respect the children, parents and my co-workers. These attributes show my competence in meeting Standard VI. Professionalism- I truly enjoy working with young children in a group setting, and demonstrate a positive attitude in my role. I always come to work with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I talk to children, and play with them every day. Children are the light of my life, and it sure shines brightly when they are around. I also take advantage of opportunities to grow professionally by attending workshops, in-service trainings offered by The Child Resource Network to gain knowledge that will help me to become a better teacher of young children. This professional development training also keeps me up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends in the child care field. I also follow regulations set forth by the state of Indiana to ensure that I am providing the best quality service to children and their families. CS VI a- I decided to work with children when my granddaughter Marley was a year old. At the time I was working for a company CDC for mentally disabled adults. I worked for the company for six years. I dedicated my life to that company. I got blamed for another Susan’s abuse of a consumer. I was told that my job was on line. When they found out it wasn’t me, I was told it would still be in my file. I gave them a 3-4 weeks’ notice and quit. I decided I would not have anyone tell me I abused a consumer...
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