Cse Syllabus (Ptu)

Topics: Computer, Algorithm, Relational model Pages: 46 (9793 words) Published: February 3, 2013
External Marks: 60 L T P
Internal Marks: 40 3 1 -
Total Marks: 100
Computer Systems programming and Data Structures.
Understand the overall architecture of the operating system and its main components, Functions of Kernel, file system architecture and implementation, concurrent programming and concurrency .
Introduction to Operating system, computer system structure , operating system structure, process management, CPU scheduling , process synchronization, deadlocks[35%] Memory management paging and segmentation virtual memories[20%] I./O system and secondary storage structure [10%]

Protection and security [10%]
Introduction to multiprocessor and distributed operating systems. [20%] Case Studies: LINUX , UNIX Operating System with SOLARIS and SCO-UNIX [15%] TEXT BOOKS
1. A Silberschatz and Peter B. Calvin, " Operating System Concepts" Addison Wesley Publishing Company
2. Dhamdhere, " Systems Programming & Operating Systems Tata McGraw Hill REFERENCES
1. Operating System by Madnick Donovan
2. Operating System by Stallings

External Marks: 60 L T P
Internal Marks: 40 3 1 -
Total Marks: 100
PREREQUISITES: Calculus of two variables and exposure to mathematics-I and Mathematics - II.
To teach Engineering Mathematics to the students.
Review of the prerequisites such as limits of sequences and functions. Continuity, uniform continuity and differentiability. Rolls theorem, mean value theorems and Taylor's theorem. Newton method for approximate solution Riemann integral and the fundamental theorem of integral calculus. Approximate integration. Applications to length area, volume, surface area of revolution, Moments, centers of Mass and Gravity. Repeated and multiple integrals with applications to volume, surface area, moments of inertia etc. Analytic functions, Cauchy-Riemann equations, Laplace equation, elementary functions, Cauchy's integral theorem(Proof by using Greens theorem), Cauchy's integral formula, Taylor series and Laurent series. [33%

Residues and applications to evaluating real improper integrals and inverse Laplace transforms. Conformal mapping, linear fractional transformations. [17%] Boundary value problems involving partial differential equations such as wave equation, heat equation, Laplace equations . Solutions by the method of separation of variables and by Fourier and Laplace transforms. [33%]

Numerical Methods for ODEs and PDEs. [17%]
E.Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition, Wiley Enstern 1985. P.E.Danko, A.G.Popov, T.Y.A Kaznevnikova, Higher Mathematics in Problems and Exercises, Part 2, Mir Publishers, 1983.

External Marks: 60 L T P
Internal Marks: 40 3 1 -
Total Marks: 100
This course provides knowledge about various types of Network, Network Topologies , protocols .
Introduction: Uses of Computer Networks, Network Hardware, Network Software, seven-layer OSI architecture of ISO, concepts of layer protocols and layer interfaces, TCP/IP reference model, comparison of OSI &TCP/IP reference models[20%] Physical Layer: Transmission media , telephone system (structure, trunks , multiplexing and switching), wireless transmission , [15%]

Data Link Layer: Design Issues, Error detection and correction , elementary data link protocols , sliding window protocols.[20%]
Medium Access Sub layer: The channel allocation , IEEE standards 802 for LAN & MAN.
Network Layer: Design issues , routing algorithms, Congestion control Algorithims, IP protocol , IP addresses, Sub nets.[15%]
Transport Layer: Treansport Services, Elements of Transport protocols, TCP service Model , protocol, Header.[10%]
Application Layer: Network security , DNS . E-mail , world wide web, multimedia.[10%]
1.Computer Networks by...

References: 2) A Ravindran, Introduction to OR. John Wiley & Sons, 1993
3)R.Kapoor, Computer Assisted Decision Models, Tata Mcgraw Hill 1991
1)Aho, Ravi Sethi, J.D. Ullman, Complilers tools and Techniques, Addison-Wesley,
Mcgraw Hill, 1984
4)Waite W.N
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