CSC 316 Module 1 SLP

Topics: Geographic information system, Sales, Database Pages: 3 (444 words) Published: May 17, 2015

Trident University
Anuj Kainth
Module 1 SLP
CSC 316 – Database Systems I
Professor: Michael J. Pelosi
26 January 2013

"Data Needed for the PC Store Project”
A database to track inventory and sales for the PC Store will be a necessary and vital improvement for the stores success. The database will need relatable data that can be stored and called upon when needed to track inventory and customers efficiently. Such a system could eventually provide personalized suggestions of items for the customers to purchase. Implementing such a system will require the PC Store to start gathering data that will benefit the database and provide tangible results. Data

Starting the database will require a good inventory of the items we carry in stock such as laptops, desktops, parts and accessories. The database will need information on model numbers, serial numbers, brand, type of item and suggested retail price. This information will be collected by the employees and input into the database through terminals that connect to the stores server. The next step in building this database will require information on product sales to determine which items are selling the most and how often. This data will allow for ease in managing inventory and ensuring orders are placed in a timely manner. The data needed for this function will be sales order number, price at sale, tax, items sold and customer contact information. The data will be collected at the point of sale using a touch screen tablet interface in tandem with the sales register. The customer will directly be prompted to input their contact information at the point of sale which will associate the information with the correct order number. Learning from GIS

Studying the geographical information systems graphical database was vital in determining types of data that should be considered when building a database. The insight on all the small details of the project such...
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