CSC's Training Before and Now

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An Undergraduate Thesis
Presented to
The Thesis Committee of
DMMA College of Southern Philippines
Tigatto Road, Buhangin, Davao City


In Partial Fulfilment of the Course Requirement
In Research 1(Introduction to Research)



Cdt. 2/c Presores, Rel Fernand
Cdt. 2/c Carpio, Mark Lester
Cdt. 2/c Olanda, Gary Louie
Cdt. 2/c Jumamil, Benzarre
Cdt. 2/c Maglangit, Marlon
Cdt. 2/c Tagupa, Jomark
Cdt. 2/c Reyes, Allen Pol
Cdt. 2/c Edillo, Ronneil
Cdt. 2/c Claud, Leokim
Cdt. 2/c Abad, Erwin

October 2013
Chapter 1


Background of the Study
It has been observed that all the cadets of the Corps of Scholar Cadets (CSC) of DMMA-CSP are still on the process of adjusting themselves to the new set of rules and regulations inside their dormitory due to changes in administration. The new CSC administration led by Mr. Roel Helicame, who has a master’s degree in management, is trying to improve the ability and skills of the cadets, not only in academics but also in technical matters concerning maritime studies. As experienced by the researchers being members of the corps, all the cadets of the organization are coping from the newly implemented laws.

The Norwegian Ship-owners Association (NSA), which is a huge organization, consisted of different international major shipping companies’ entrusted full scholarship to Filipino students who deserve to become future ship officers someday.They chose DMMA-CSP to become its partner in materializing the plan. 3/0 Francisco A. Patuasic Jr. founded the organization whom he later named the Corps of Scholar Cadets (CSC) which started with 25 cadets year 2006 and already having hundreds in the present. As experienced by the researchers before, the training inside the dormitory was semi-military training commonly practiced by our country’s very own, the Philippine Military Academy moulding competent and responsible cadets that gave DMMA-CSP honour and pride. The training motivated the cadets to work hard and strive more despite of being apart from their family. As what Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You can gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look for fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do and as the PMMA graduates quoted in their article, “No one is fit to command that has not learned to obey.” Later on, as the population of the cadets of the corps grew, the training was abused and it led to transition of trainings as well as changing of administration.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to determine the difference in the training system between the past and new CSC Administration.
Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What is the training system between the past and new CSC Administration in terms of:

1.1 Physical Training
1.2 Mental Learning and Learning Development
1.3 Values Formation
1.4 Discipline
1.5 Leadership

2. Is there any significant difference between the training system between the past and new CSC Administration in terms of:

2.1 Physical Training
2.2 Mental Training and Learning Development
2.3 Values Formation
2.4 Discipline
2.5 Leadership

Ho1 There is no significant difference between the training system of the past and the new CSC Administration in terms of: Physical Training
Mental Training and Learning Development
Values Formation
Ho2 There is no significant difference between the opinions of CSC cadets when grouped into ranks.

Theoretical Framework
This study is anchored on Dewey’s (2003) Theory of discipline which states that the remedy for the evils attending the doctrine of formal discipline previously spoken of is not to be found by substituting a doctrine of specialized...
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