Crystal Clear

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Thought Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: June 18, 2013
A Crystal Clear Reflection of Reality

In the middle of the billions of people in this planet, we are made. In the middle of the widest plain in our world, we are found. Why? It is because of the existence our so-called purpose.

It was the day the world had a glimpse of another blessing from God. It is not a matter of logical thinking but spiritually speaking, we are also made because of God’s purpose. We came into this world with an unknown future waiting for us. Just like what others may say, it is in the palms of our hands that our future is written and is to be fulfilled. By that time, we have just arrived and we continued to grow. And it was time to move forward from the day we were BORN.

Time passed by and we started venturing into a brand new place in our lives. We came to know the who’s and what’s in our lives. It is a normal scenario when our parents would just like to keep us in a safe zone and tried to avoid us from getting hurt physically. But as they spoke those words, we make a suspicious plot in our minds and more on curiosity in our actions. And here comes the time again, the time when we take actions just because it’s what we want, we decide on things just because the mind dictates it. We learn to live a life keeping a little distant from our own parents and start asserting the right and wrong. We learn to fail, we learn to fight, we learn to love, we learn to cry, and it is because we have DEVELOPED.

And just as the moment we saw ourselves in the middle of something we just can’t take, we realize that there’s no way out. It’s a natural impulse to try to escape from the problems we have, but it’s also natural that one day we’ve got to face them. Nowadays, we are all prone to a lot of dangers, it might have been offered by such influences around us or just even the influence that’s just right in front of us, the well-known world web browser. But we must remember that life is full of tricks and we have to surpass...
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