Topics: Steve Biko, Black people, Donald Woods Pages: 8 (4441 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Start at the East London and there is the newspaper editor Donald Woods is the newspaper, suddenly arrives and gives Ken Robertson five photos that giving out police beating blacks, Woods decided to see them in the first page of his newspaper even though he knows that this is illegal. In one of the photos you see an image of a black (Biko) is a revolutionary. Biko had not let out of a given area. Woods wrote a story on Biko say q is the head of a black consciousness and tb. says that blacks should be segregated from whites. Mamphlea enters the newspaper office and discuss with Woods, she defends Biko and Woods asks that before you include in your newspaper that report will report more about it, then Woods decides to go visit and Biko tells Mampel go to King William's Town which is the restricted area of Biko. 2 º

Woods is riding his mercedes to see Biko. He lives in a white area address matches a church, there are cops who watch Biko. Biko introduces him to his wife and their two children. The church was a place of employment for blacks, women sewed and manufactured toys. Woods and Biko chat in an office with several cases and end up becoming good friends. 3 º A LIBERAL EDUCATION.

both went to Zanempilo where Biko was building a clinic 25 kilometers from the city, the guardians of Biko did not stop following him and were also nowhere. The clinic was located on a hill and next was a church, the clinic was for blacks and Mamphela was there was the doctor, Biko wanted to create their own organizations for blacks but Woods thought it would be better if they were mixed. Woods later Biko asks if he could work a white doctor in the clinic, Biko was unsure q pq everyone working there was negra.A Woods began to fall well Biko and promised that I would someday go to visit blacks. 4 º

Three weeks after Woods and Biko went outside to see black workers, but for that Biko had to leave the restricted area and if he got caught he would be put in jail. Mamphela said he did not want him put back in jail and Biko told not to worry that he had escaped without anyone seeing him. Woods drove his Mercedes and parked it in a small street, after five minutes came a black taxi door opened and Woods went into the car where they were Mamphela Biko and two more men, the driver quickly drove into the city's blacks . Woods observed the cars in the streets houses the two walked in silence. 5 º

Biko Woods proposes to go to meet a
black family, the family of Tenjy. When they arrived in the house many black people and started to tell Woods as whites took over South Africa before this happened the land was for everyone. Biko tells him that the freed whites want blacks to integrate in society but in reality what we want the whites is that blacks are their servants. CHALLENGE 6 º.

Weeks after Woods came to the newspaper with Tenjy and pq Mamphela had hired as newspaper editors so they could tell the situation that blacks suffered for it offers a section of the newspaper. Ken Woods and later attend a football match but this was forbidden blacks they were the only two whites who were in the field, Ken was not allowed to bring your camera. Mzimbi was a black leader who promulgated achieve freedom through a violent revolution, gives a speech to everyone at the party, later tb. Biko makes all the stage and applauded with fervor the words of Biko, including Ken and Woods. 7 º

There were many blacks who testified against their leaders for money, days later, Biko's speech at the stadium by police officers went to look for Biko to carry on suspicion of the police station, the curator was a black man stuck in a box Biko had accused. Captain De Wet's talk with Biko on the speech he had given in the game after a long discussion, the captain punched Biko and this hit back, then all the police commissioner rushed to Biko, but Captain I order his release and then Biko left the police station. Two weeks later Biko...
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