Crusades Dbq

Topics: First Crusade, Crusades, Knights Templar Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: September 7, 2006
The crusades occurred in 1095 during the postclassical era just after William the Conqueror had unified England. The fighting was between the Muslims and Christians. Many things contributed to causing the crusades. Religious motivation and political/economical gain were both major factors that caused them.

Proof that religious motivation was a cause for the crusades is shown through many of these documents. First, document one contains such quotes as, "Christ commands it", "…concerns you and God", and "…preserve the right of church". All of these were said by Pope Urban II and clearly show this documents religious connotation. Document two also portrays religious motivation when Ekkehard says, "enemies of the cross of Christ" and "love of Christ". Lastly, document number five says, "those whose fore father", which represents God and therefore shows religious motivation.

Political and economical gain also had a lot to do with causing the crusades. Document three exemplifies this through the quotes, "countless besants", "come poor, God maderich", and "villa…city". All of these have to do with economical gain when they are talking about the poor or about the political aspects. Document six is a map that shows different territories and therefore is showing political documentation. There are some documents that represent both the political aspects of the crusades as well as the religious. The seventh document is a picture of a Fortress of the Knights Hospitallers. This is both a political and religious symbol. Also document four is an example because it says, "sons of Ayyuh" as well as, "his enemies". When Saladin mentions his own families name is political because he is in politics and therefore anything having to do with him and his family is obviously political. When he says "his enemies" he is referring to God and that makes it a religious connotation. Overall, religious motivation and political/economical gain were both big forces in causing the crusades....
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