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For as long as people can remember there have been religious conflicts, one of the most memorable of these conflicts was The Crusades. The Crusades were a time in Europe’s history where there was great religious conflict between Muslims and Christians that started in 1096, and ended with the ninth Crusade in 1272. They started as a religious territorial war over Jerusalem, but changed to be more territorial over time. This caused the first four Crusades to have the most impact, excluding the Children’s Crusade, which was the beginning of the end of the Christian empire. Which in the end, although the Christian empire put up a good fight for almost 200 years; they fell with their last empires, Jerusalem and Acre.

vThe Crusades really started centuries before with Christian pilgrims making voyages to the holy lands. These voyages started feuds between Muslims and Christians many decades before the Crusades even started. Although these wars are never recognized, they are very important to the events leading up to the Crusades. Over the years, the Christian community would send men to the holy land, and year after year they would be killed, starting many small wars between the Christians andThe Krak De Chevaliers, A Crusader Castle Muslims. This happened because the Christian voyages were seen as trespassing by the Muslims, and they would attack the Christians on their voyages. Whether the Christians were completely innocent in these voyages is debatable, but Christians saw it as slaughter. So the Pope arranged a meeting with churchmen, after the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus sent messengers to the Pope urging him to send an attack on the Muslim Turks. After the meeting the Pope came to a consensus, “…he asked the warriors of Europe to liberate the Holy Land from the Muslims.” (The Crusades) starting the first of nine Crusades.

The word “Crusade” actually means “going to the Cross” hence the idea at the time was to urge Christian warriors to go...

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