Crunch Case Study

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What is the Crunch experience? What does the brand stand for? The founder of Crunch, Doug Levine, started the company with the intention to attract male fitness enthusiasts to aerobics by catering to female audience. The initial concept had a clear goal, but it did not work out as Doug planned. He ended up opening a chain of workout places that cater to both men and women. Crunch's competitive advantage lies in its ability to offer a fitness experience like no other fitness studio. The Crunch "experience" consists of innovative workout plans like "Hip Hop Aerobics", "Co-Ed Action Wrestling", "Rollerblade Aerobics", "Firefighting Training", "Bobsled Training" etc. By combining original workouts and offering its clients new ways of engaging in the fitness, Crunch is separating itself from its competitors through innovation and differentiation. It was quite a revolutionary concept at the time, when the predominant clubs had an image of either a bodybuilder gym or the place where everyone looks good. Doug made sure to convey a sense of uniqueness. He wanted Crunch to become a new way of doing fitness. Crunch became well known for its innovative culture. Doug wanted to make fitness fun and accessible to a majority of people. His main demographic target were urban 25-34 year olds. Crunch developed its brand through smart advertising, creating key partnerships with apparel companies, word of mouth and just being different than other places in the industry. Crunch brand was build on offering a workout place that is unique and more than just a gym. Doug was able to constantly offer new types of fitness programs that sparked interest with the public. He wanted to portray Crunch as a place where people would not feel self conscious or worry about what other people think. From the company's CEO down to a trainer in a gym, Crunch is a fun, energetic place and unique fitness place.

What are Doug Levine’s strengths and weaknesses?
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