Crucible Literary Analysis Paper

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: May 22, 2013
A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity. When we are young, we’re taught lying is bad, but that never stops us from doing it anyways. There are many problems in the town of Salem and lying is only one of them. Crisis reveals the difficulty of telling the truth and the need for truth.

John Procter was a man of good nature but had made a mistake that had now come back to haunt him. Elizabeth knows Abigail told John the girls were faking it but she has a hard time convincing him to tell the court. When John says, “I am only wondering how I may prove what she told me, Elizabeth. If the girl’s a saint now, I think it is not easy to prove she’s fraud, and the town gone so silly. She told me in a room alone - I have no proof for it” (Miller 1065), it is obvious he doesn’t think the court will believe him. But the court needed to know Abigail and the girls faked it so they could stop condemning innocent people. John also realizes the only way the court will truly see Abigail is lying is if he confesses to adultery. However, he still manages to convince himself that he does not need to confess and it will be solved without that. When Proctor comes to realize he cannot put it off anymore he says to the court, “I have made a bell of my honor! I have rung the doom of my good name – you will believe me. Mr. Danforth! My wife is innocent, except she knew a whore when she saw one!”(1098). It was very hard for him to tell the truth but now the court knows Abigail is not an honest girl. Later Proctor comes to face the truth that the only way he can end all the nonsense is to tell a lie. But this lie will be harder to tell then any truth. John confesses to witchcraft when Danforth asks him “Mr. Proctor, have you seen the Devil in your life?” and John replies, “I did” (1115). John Proctor did have to lie but he saved his family and many other innocent lives which was why this was the only lie needed.

Abigail had an affair with John Proctor seven months ago, but...
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