Crucible Essay

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Witchcraft Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Ariel Inkawa11/6/09
Rivlin The Crucible

Is saving yourself by lying worth getting others in trouble or even killed? In The Crucible by Arthur Miller many people are blamed for the wrong doing and lying of other characters. The three people that should be blamed for all of the lying and getting others in trouble are Abigail Williams, Ezekiel Cheever, and Reverend Hale.

First, Abigail Williams is the most important character to blame for people getting blamed in Salem. Abigail was a compulsive liar, which made her lie to get out of anything. Abigail was the center of attention in town due to her blaming everybody of being a which. “She sends her spirit on me in church; she makes me laugh at prayer!” (Miller 1109). Abigail Williams is blaming Tituba for being a witch by saying that she distracts her at church. She is also saying that Tituba has contact with the devil because they devil would not want her to pay attention at church. Abigail goes around accusing almost the whole town of having contact with the devil or being a witch. While in trial Abigail decided to start another lie. “Mary, please don’t hurt me!” (Miller 1149). Abigail is now in court with all the girls including Mary Warren and she is looking up at the beams in the ceiling and says she sees a yellow bird. She claims that it is Mary and that it will hurt her while there is nothing there. This causes Mary to be believed as a witch.

Next, Ezekiel Cheever is the one to fault for the people of Salem getting arrested. Ezekiel is a court officer who brings warrants and searches people’s houses and then has the obligation to arrest them if needed. “Mr. Proctor, I have little time. The court bid me search your house, but I like not to search a house. So will you hand me any poppets that your wife may keep here?” (Miller 1125). Ezekiel Cheever was a friend of the Proctors, so he should have told John to hide the poppet so he could not find anything. This would help...
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