Crucible Essay

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Ever since the beginning of humans, superstition had always been a part of our diverse cultures. There are gypsies and their tarot cards, Romans with their polytheism, and the Puritans and their Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Trials, was a year long witch hunt that occurred between 1692 and 1693. Many historians puzzled themselves over the entire debacle, and several debated that it were not Abigail who had the most blame, but instead Deputy Governor, Thomas Danforth. There was a good judge in him, but his inability to listen to what he did not want to hear impaired his ability to conduct a truly just trial. In Arthur Miller's depiction of the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible, he labels Danforth as a stubborn old man that tried to prove the unprovable. He depicts the judge with the flaws that he believes everyone that defense the accused desire to overthrow the court, is so narrow indeed as the not allow any to question his decisions, believes the girls are incapable of deceit, and lastly, hangs the innocent to refrain from ruining his beloved reputation.

The very first time the audience is introduced to the audience, he is seen as a powerful, dictating, authoritarian that allows no room for argument in his court. His self righteousness is so incredibly stuffy, that when Giles Corey, an old man whose wife had been accused, tries to defend her, he proclaims that "the pure in heart need no lawyers" (Miller 93). His desire to find real witchcraft blinds him from seeing the truth in Corey's allegations against Thomas Putnam. Also, his pride did not allow any innocent to disprove any charge brought against them, and believes any type of defense of a beloved is a threat to the court and demands for Ezekiel Cheever, a schoolmaster that became the court stenographer, to write out warrants of "arrest for examination" (94). When John Proctor comes roaring down to fight for the return of his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, Danforth is incredulous and refuses to believe...
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