Crucible Connection

Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Crucible Connection
The worst words to hear when friends are fighting are “who said it” or “name names”. I was in a problematic situation a couple of weeks ago and I was asked that question and instead of naming names I lied and took the blame. The whole fight started because when I was hanging out with my two friends while waiting for my other two friends to come and meet us. My one friend said that one of the girls had a “big mouth and that you couldn’t trust her with any personal details”. When she found out she went on this long rant about how we were all fake and that we were terrible friends but that wasn’t the case she did not know all the details. She came and tried to ask me who had said it and why they said it; at this point none of us were talking to each other but we were all supposed to be best friends. So I told her that it was me because I thought it would stop all the fighting if someone finally admitted to it. I was wrong the fighting got worse and once the two guys found out that I took the blame for one of them they started talking to me but the other two girls refused to talk to me. A couple of days went by and finally the person who had actually said it felt bad for me and told the truth. Eventually everybody came around and we were all cool again but even now it is almost awkward when we are all together. I think these are the worst kind of fights that friends can have.
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