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In the new era of technology and commerce, finding alternative solutions to business problems gained importance. This new generation solutions are beneficial financially for companies and has benefits such as time saving, less source consumption, and better ideas. Among these solutions, crowdsourcing, which is distinguished from outsourcing, has a vital importance. I think it is a very useful way of doing business, because it reduces the money spend and the solution is coming from other people. Companies pay pennies per microtask to the people who do the job. Crowdsourcing is a method of obtaining the needs of service, ideas, or content from a large group of people. It is usually online, but also it can be done offline. In crowdsourcing, the company doesn’t use its own customers or topic-related professionals, but other people who have no relationship with the company. It can be used to subdivide a work or fund-raising. Different from outsourcing, people are involved in the process of reaching information and the information at the end can be anything unlike outsourcing. In outsourcing the information reached can be known by anyone but has restrictions about the usage of the content. On crowdsourcing this is not an issue. Crowdsourcing had begun to be used by large companies more frequently. One example can be given from AOL. To figure out if they are getting the best use of their video library, they planned to build a video-detecting system. However, because of the near deadline of the project, the AOL executive in charge of the project used crowdsourcing rather than building a video-detecting system. They used Mechanical Turk, which enabled 500,000 people from all around the world to solve this problem. Although crowdsourcing established in 2006, there are some examples of crowdsourcing used in the history. French government used other people in order to invent can and a way of producing sodium carbonate without burning the forests....
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