Crossing Essay

Topics: Family, Black-and-white films, Short story Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: October 29, 2014

In the short story Crossing written by Mark Slouka, we meet a father and his son who is on a camping trip out in the wilderness. The short story is presented in a third-person narrator, where we follow a father who is going through a difficult time in life, and seems to have been divorced from his wife (Read l. 15-20). The father seems to have failed at the family front as shown in the quote: “at that moment he thought, maybe – maybe he could make it right this time.” (Read l. 19-20) where we as readers get an impression that he has done wrong in the past. Therefore he seems determined to bring his son for a trip out in wilderness, to gain some father-son relationship and getting his sons trust back. When the father and son stands on the riverbed of a wide and strong river they have to pass, the father thinks about calling of the entire trip: “for a moment he considered pulling out, explaining … but there was nowhere else to go” (Read l. 39-40) but he realizes that this is his only chance to get his son back, and he needs to cross the river, and fight the strong current to achieve this. They almost pass a second big river, but nature is too strong and the father and son ends in an inescapable fight for life, with the strong river current. The father keeps his father-role, by remaining protective for his son, and telling him till the end that they will be fine, even though he is well aware that they are doomed (Read l. 129-131). The story takes place in the “mid-sized” city Tacoma which is located in the state of Washington, USA. “It was raining as they drove out of Tacoma that morning” the rain can symbolize the fathers’ sadness in Tacoma. When the father and his son are spending time at the river, we get an impression of things are positive because of the weather and the nature “the hot smell of pines coming from the shore and the sun strong on his face” There is a link between the weather and the fathers mood in the story. The whole story is...
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