Cross Cultural Mangement Renault Philippines Case Study

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Cross Cultural Management: Philippines - Case Study


After a detailed market survey, Renault the French automobile constructor firm, decided to establish a branch in Philippines. Indeed it appeared that the Filipino market is very attractive, and presents a lot of opportunities. Renault decided to set a first selling centre in Manila. This mission has been assigned to mister Jean-Claude Duss. The real challenge for Mister Duss will be to build a local team and to be its leader.


-to find an office in Manila ( where the team will be trained ) -to build a team
-to set up a relation network
-to develop an informal network
-to build a brand image
-to acquire a notoriety
-to find new points of sale (Renault & other place)
-to recruit staff

Mister Duss’ background

Mister Duss is a French manager who has been trained in the Renault Headquarter in Paris. He is 40 years old and has 2 children, a 15 year-old daughter, and a 12 year-old son. His family is used to follow him wherever, then it is the same in the Philippines. He has already lead many projects in France, Turkey and also in Thailand where he has worked for 5 years. He has especially contributed to the launch of the latest model of car in Thailand.

He is particularly appreciated for his “French humour” and his friendliness. As a French people, he tends to be a bit conservative. Then he tends also to have a circular thinking as Latin people. He succeeded, with high results, in his mission in Thailand; this is why he has been chosen to set up Renault in Philippines.

He read a lot of books about the corporate culture in the Philippines in order to adapt himself fastly. He has also met a Filipino manager in Renault Thailand to brief himself about the way things happen in Philippines. Furthermore he has taken one hundred hours of Filipino language to try to adapt himself with the Philippines’ culture.

His missions:

-find an experienced human resource manager to help him in his aims -train 6 managers to the Renault corporate culture
-teach selling techniques, and marketing/communication skills -inform about Renault’s products and services which could be adapted to the Filipino market


The first mission of Mr. Duss is to find an experienced human resource manager. He has worked for 2 months and has managed to hire the global human resource manager of Filimobile: Mr. Ramiro. Filimobile is the second automobile firm in the Philippines. So it is already a good achievement for him because he will be able to rely on Ramiro’s experiences and relations to hire good managers.

Mr. Ramiro has hired 4 managers from Filimobile and 2 from Manilamobile (first constructor in the Philippines). Two of them will be in charge of sales, two of the marketing/communication, one of the customer relations, and the last of the finance. Ramiro has only hired people from the automobile industry, first because they know the Filipino’s automobile market, and secondly because he has already worked with most of them and has been able to see their results. All of these managers are between 28 and 40 years old and are fluent in English.

Then the team is totally new and seems to be motivated by the new challenge which is offered to them. All the team has to adapt to others and especially Mister Duss. Tomorrow morning is the first day for all. How will it happen, and how Mister Duss will manage his new employees?

Deadlines / Checklists / Agenda:

Here is a very important issue because in a competitive environment, it is crucial to respect deadlines and to be impregnate with the agenda. It is one of the most characteristic things about Filipinos, they are late. It is usual to arrive at an appointment 1 hour late. However, Filipinos give a high importance to be well dressed during the appointments. Then, Mr Duss has always to be well dressed because Filipinos are very respectful of this kind of...

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