Cross Cultural Management for entrepreneurship and branding in Brazil

Topics: Strategic management, Leadership, Culture of Brazil Pages: 12 (3476 words) Published: April 14, 2014

Cross Cultural Management - Final Project Report

Group Members:
1) Bilal Muneer (13102)

Subject: Cross Cultural Management
Submitted to: Sir Mohsin
Date of Submission: 20th of December, 2013.

Table of Content

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1- Defining the relative culture
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2- Strategic planning, business model and business conduct strategy

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3- Entrance strategy

Page 5
4- Human resource strategy and your approach to use of it

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5- Leadership style and leadership strategy

Page 7
6- SWOT and PEST analysis

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1- The culture of Brazil:
Brazil’s culture is a friendly, open one that easily accommodates many ethnicities. Titles and the hierarchy they reflect are important in business situations, even though work processes are often carried out laterally, rather than along a top-down continuum. Relationships are key. Conversations can be lively and are sometimes interspersed with heated debate, disagreements, and interruption, but it’s all a normal part of cultural expression.

The Work Environment
The workplace in Brazil is changing. Modern companies are using lower height walls to promote interaction and increase everyone’s access to daylight. This is true even of executive areas. Office life, however, remains hierarchical. How comfortable employees are in communicating with their supervisors may depend on their education level4 as well as an employee’s level of security in his position. There are certain policies that are set by the government including work hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. While work hours might be adjusted by mutual agreement between employee and supervisor6, there is still a mandated hour-long break for employees for lunch. Overtime work necessitates overtime pay. Employees must leave the secured work areas for their lunch break, and their building security badge tracks their entry and exit. This is important to the corporation given the strict labor laws; if an employee were to be dismissed and the case brought before the labor tribunal, the building entry and exit records of the former employee would be evaluated to study their actual hours worked.

Organizations are expected to provide transportation and meal vouchers, and this necessitates building in staging areas for the buses that bring employees from Metro stations to office buildings as well as restaurants at larger buildings. Brazil’s largest office building, the recently constructed 1.5 million-square-foot Torre Santander in Sao Paulo, was purchased by the Banco Santander in 2007 as its headquarters. It is considered to be the most expensive real estate transaction made in Brazil to-date at a cost of US $650 million dollars. The building has no private offices and the executives are in an open area separated from one another by glass partitions. The leadership at the Torre Santander facility begins their day spending a few hours together at a group table, doing individual and shared work before separating to do their departmental work. Medical clinics are required at larger office buildings, and a full-service office tower such as Torre Santander may have additional services such as a gym, travel agency, bookstore, hair salon, laundry, movie rental, and retail bank. Largely, organizations are investing in creating a “great place to work” and also helping employees to productively fill their hour-long lunch break.

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Office standardization has become more important as offices become modernized. Global organizations may develop or implement standards they have used in other countries. Given the cost of technology and the expense of moving cabling, emphasis is placed on creating universal workstation types to support box moves. Individual employee spaces are getting smaller so personalization within the workplace is typically kept to a minimum. Before moving to the Torre Santander building, employees were disappointed...
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