Cross Cultural Management

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Francielli Minato


In this assignment it will be analysed the cultural main aspects of the Republic of India and the French Republic on the cross cultural management aspects and evaluated the potential implication on business relationships of each country and the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Definition of Culture

Culture may be defined as “ a set of basic assumptions – shared solutions to universal problems of external adaptation (how to survive) and internal integration (how to stay together) – which have evolved over time and are handed down from one generation to the next”. (Schneider & Barsoux, 2003).

Republic of India

The Republic of India is on of the oldest civilizations on the world. Its population totalize 1,095,351,995 according to CIA – The World Factbook 2007, there are 21 official languages and the most practiced religion is the Hindu. According to Jodie R. Gorrill, before doing business in India there are three key aspects to be considered: -The influence of the religion over the culture is strong, therefore, it affects the hierarchical structure of business practices. -The Fatalism is a cultural and spiritual concept and influence business relationships procedures, which may take longer then expected. -As India is a highly populated country, the collectivism and hierarchical concepts are strong. According to the information mentioned above, it seems correct to affirm that India’s culture is focused in quality of life, collectivist, there is a prime orientation for the common goals and objectives, it has also a emotional approach, where business and emotions, although there is a strong hierarchical system, are not separated. When compared to the Brazilian cultural ways to do business, there are some aspects that may cause conflicts, such as: -Brazilian culture has high religion influences, mainly catholic, but the business culture is not affected by religion issues as India’s business culture, which may...

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