Cross Cultural Communication in Medical Problems Common to the Groupp

Topics: Muscles of the upper limb, Extensor pollicis brevis muscle, Ulna Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: April 19, 2013
According to the PTA competencies:
I should recognizes individual and cultural differences and respect her concern of rather scarify emotional abuse rather than broken her family . After 4 times visit , I should have recognizes her emotional abuse more than physical – appears very nervous and is always very anxious about getting home. First, I should try as much as I could to help her gaining normal ADL to facilitate her suspicious punctuality story , the real reason of falling down the stairs or the root cause of protecting her daughter from physical abuse through the my job duties . Secondly, assess functional status of forearm 6 posterior superficial layer Brachioradialis , Extersor carpri radialis longus / Brevis, Extensor Digitorum, Extensor Dugut minimi, Extensor Carpri Ulnaris and 5 deepen muscle of Supinator, Abductor pollicis longus, extensor pollicis brevis , Extensor pollicis longus, extensor indicis , and measure ROM exercise. Recognized any improvement and communicate and document ate any other visual abnormal bruising , wound mark or edema symptom in case of future legal concerns issues. Provides her education plan of care on how to releases her stressful emotion that will worsen her micro blood circulation of muscle , especial to the tendon that has less blood vessel supply which result in lowering down her normal recovery period . Report my observation and facts to my PT when to report to police and comply the Child and Family Service Act ( 1990) to prevent worsen scenario happened and honor our obligations and behave in an ethical and sensitive manner . 4/ Indentify the resources to resolve this dilemma

Consult with PT or medical peer group , social worker , The college Practice advisory services and suggest the mood disorder association of Toronto to her or her husband so that her family can be solve peacefully without breaking her family or left the inerasable shadow to her child in the future
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