Crocs's Core Competencies

Topics: Management, Customer, Footwear Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: January 13, 2014
Croc’s Core Competencies:
One of Croc’s core competencies was their revolutionized supply chain. They created a model unheard of in the foot wear industry. The footwear industry was based on two seasons, spring and fall. Traditionally, bulk orders were placed by retailer’s months in advance for the upcoming season with little to no option to make changes during the selling season. Croc’s production and supply model eliminated the limitations placed on retailers for ordering product. They developed a model focused on customer needs. Croc’s has the ability to manufacture and deliver its products to retailers rapidly and produce in excessive quantities to avoid customer dissatisfaction. When a customer needed more products they would get it. Under this model retailers would not have to take a big risk and order product based on forecasting causing a possible shortage or overage in supply. Croc’s model was to fill orders in season, manufacture and produce these orders and distribute in order to maintain an excellent relationship with customers. Another core competency of Croc’s was their ability to extend their market presence in foreign countries faster than any other manufacturer. As a new entrant in the shoe market, Croc’s change the pace of the industry with its funky unique cool designed shoe. When Snyder took over, he immediately moved into foreign territories creating infrastructure to give the company the advantage and create a well-known brand with sustainability. As a result of their worldwide expansion, they became a multinational corporation. This allowed croc’s to focus on the needs and demands of their customers while adhering to their SCM and minimize the risk of market failure. Finally, the most important advantage that Croc’s had over its competitors was the raw materials used to produce the shoe. The material used was croslite. Croslite was an inexpensive, slip resistant, and odor free material that was unlike any other material used in...
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