Topics: Reflection, Presentation, Debut albums Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: October 16, 2013
Account 3: critical reflection
I had to talk about the project that I am on. I spent quite a bit of time preparing it in the way that I have seen others make similar presentations.

When it came to the presentation, I really wanted to do it well – as well as the presentations were done the week before. Maybe I wanted too much to do well? My efforts to be calm failed and my voice went wobbly – that’s how it felt to me anyway. My colleague said afterwards that I looked quite calm despite what I was feeling.

In the event, the session was a disaster and has left me feeling uncomfortable in my work and I even worry about it at home. I need to think about why a simple presentation could have such an effect on me.

I am feeling more positive generally and I can begin to analyse what I could do better in the presentation. It is interesting to see the change in my attitude after a week. I need to think from the beginning about the process of giving a good presentation.

This account is critically reflective. At the start, the author describes the event, reflects on the whole process (preparation) and recognises that interaction with others (colleagues’ presentations) can have an impact on their behaviour. They have written about how they felt during the presentation (engaging in an internal dialogue) and also reflected deeper by looking at different perspectives e.g. how their colleague thought the presentation went. They have reflected on how the incident has made them feel in a wider context (home and work) and have also considered why such an event has had an impact on them – trying to hypothesise reasons for this. Finally, the author has stood back from the event and considered what they could do differently next time. They demonstrate the concept that reflection can change over time (talking about next week), by taking on new ideas and trying again.
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