Crocodile Dundee Movie Poster Analysis

Topics: New York City, Paul Hogan, Australia Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: October 27, 2012
The stylised poster of Crocodile Dundee constructs the identity of Australian men as being brave, gritty morally bound macho men who fill the roles of being the protectors of women and conquerors of the universe as man has always been. Paul Hogan is the central focus who represents the supposedly typical Australian man. Linda Kozlowski plays the supporting element in which she is the link between the rest of the world and Australia. The city skyline is the final element which brings the poster together for an immediate understanding for the viewer because it acts as a framing device for the couple. From a modernist point of view in a post-feminist era, viewers can agree with its ideas and Australians especially enjoy our depiction of a positive stereotype although it may still be a cultural myth.

Paul Hogan’s posture symbolises courage and confidence. His legs are spread out, placed firmly on the ground and chest and shoulders pushed outwards. Viewers might feel intimidated and inferior towards his ‘ready for anything’ attitude. The flexed arm and muscles support the idea of Australians as being tough and physically strong. He is poised for action with his offensive arm, holding a knife, making him look further powerful and even dangerous if pushed to the edge. This idea is however extinguished by his friendly, likeable and relaxed facial expression. It is an innocent, honest and down to earth smile, depicting Australians as being good-natured and approachable people. Viewers feel comfortable by this and are able to trust him and this is further supported by his tight grip on Linda. It is a hand of protection as his fingers are spread out. This demonstrates the values Australian men hold towards women, that women should be treated with respect and should be nurtured rather treated like meat. This promotion suggests that Australian men are seen as moral people who hold strong to ethics and humanist values. The hairy chest represents the masculinity Australian...
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