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Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Supermarket Pages: 15 (4983 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Customer Relationship Management through Online Applications4 Official Website (
Facebook Fans page4
The Four Cornerstones of Customer Relationship Management5
Customer Knowledge5
Relationship Strategy5
Value Proposition:7
Value Disciplines8
Organizational Forms9
Control Measurements10
Code of Ethics10
The value of customer knowledge11
From a technical point of view:11
Practical value: from the point of view of the customer11
Practical value: from the point of view of the supplier11
Intrinsic Quality12
The Role of CRM Systems in the Various Organizational Forms (People)13 The capacity for empathy13
The ability to create congruence13
The ability to use an unconditional positive approach to the other person13 The Waste Resulting from Poor Quality14
Identification Errors14
Profile Errors14
'Thank You' Card Application Analysis14
Communication Power16
Consumer Markets16
Relationship Planning and Customer Profitability17

The Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers, Bravo Supermarkets, is a publicly traded subsidiary of The Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC). It was founded in 1999, and it aims at enhancing and improving the shopping experience of the Palestinian consumer. It offers a one stop shop for Palestinian customers across Ramallah and some of the West Bank's cities. The supermarket chains are determined to provide high quality products, services, a wide range of diverse products, and affordable prices in a highly comfortable and hygiene setting. It differentiates itself as being the largest supermarket in Palestine in addition to having several specialized departments in the same place, all offering the consumer a comfortable and a valued experience. This report investigates the application of Customer Relationship Management at Bravo Supermarkets in all of its specific area in an attempt to firstly analyze the situation and illustrate the problems and pitfalls of CRM application in the Supermarkets, and secondly provide solutions to the present situation at Bravo supermarkets.

Customer Relationship Management through Online Applications The first indication to the whereabouts of Customer Relationship Management is by taking a close look at the online applications of the company at hand. In the case of Bravo Supermarkets, several applications were examined starting with the official website, and ending with the Facebook page. Official Website (

The website offers the monthly promotions, very little information about the thank you card, and the products accessible in the supermarket. The drawbacks to their website are the lack of basic CRM information and offering little information about their products. On the other hand it presents the consumers with the ability to contact them through their free telephone lines throughout their branches in the West Bank. The customer could, in addition, send the company his/her feedback concerning the products and services provided at Bravo Supermarkets. Through their website one could access and like the Facebook fan page which is more customer oriented than the website as said before. Facebook Fans page

The Facebook fans page for Bravo Supermarkets is better and more communicative with the clients and customers than the official website where customers can ask questions, and give their opinions and feedback. The problem facing Bravo Supermarkets is that their Facebook page and online website are not complementary to each other. We recommend Bravo Supermarkets to address some issues concerning CRM; firstly the thank you card can be used more efficiently as a log in tool to access the website, through this innovation Bravo Supermarkets could be more customer oriented and even closer to their customers. Secondly, the website and the Facebook page are found only...
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