CRM Project SaSa

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Customer Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: February 6, 2015
The customer service management objective of SaSa is to improve their actual strengths such as product variety, assess convenience and pleasance of environment continually and provide more value than price to make customer feel delighted, so that SaSa can make more profit from its customers in the long term. Recommended CRM Strategies

Although customers think SaSa having a good performance in product variety in our finding, product variety can hurt profitability due to strategic customer behavior: A product variant that would be profitable absent strategic customers can in fact be unprofitable. We should develop a series of strategies to retain this strength so that increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of stratrgic customer. SaSa caters the market by offering a large variety of quality products from over 600 beauty brands around the global and stretch across a broad price range for customers’ selection. Expanding product variety becomes one of competitive advantages of SaSa. When SaSa retain the strength of product variety, it can use differentiation strategy to develop its product variety. For example, differentiate variety of product according to sizes, types, package etc. On the other hand, SaSa can use the focus strategy for the strategic customer to improve its product variety. For example, SaSa can collect opinions of their strategic customer about the product variety by doing survey through questionnaire, interview and observation. After the survey, SaSa may know the preference and need of its strategic customer, such as it will understand how to make the attractive product mix for the strategic customer. The survey also can give SaSa a direction to expand the new product variety. However, we think focus strategy is more important than differentiation strategy when SaSa improve its product variety. The professor call John Gourville has been said that “customer like choice, but not too much of it. He think that “the more is better rule” is...
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