Crjs Crime Scene Write Up

Topics: Blood, Political spectrum, Bloodstain pattern analysis, French Revolution / Pages: 2 (375 words) / Published: Mar 5th, 2013
Crime Scene Write-up
CRJS 210
Professor Rinehart
August 27, 2012 Upon entering the crime scene to my right (North wall), I noticed a white male, wearing a gray sweat suit, hanging from the ceiling with a small rope around his neck and his hands bound behind his back with plastic zip-ties. In addition, there is blood splatter on the wall (North wall) to the right of the victim. The second victim, a white male wearing a black ball cap, black tee shirt and plaid pants were found semi lying on couch (Northwest wall) with injury to right hand which is under the victim’s tee shirt. The victim has a green wire in right hand and blood on right hand. There was blood splatter on couch behind the victim’s head and a white substance on table in front of the victim. Victim three, a white male wearing a weapons utility belt, a blue sweat suit, Sketchers tennis shoes, and a grey short sleeve tee shirt seen lying in the center of the floor in front of a table. A fourth victim, a white female with red hair found slouched at a poker table near the West wall with blood on her shirt. There is a completely severed finger on the poker table by a dealer chip and the victim has no right hand. Other items near the victim include some snacks, cards and poker chips scattered on table, and three glass bottles. There are blood stains on the floor by the victim under the table and by two black chairs that are located away from the table. There is blood along the edge of the table where the victim is and blood is on the victim’s left hand and left thigh. There is also blood splatter along the West wall. Other things noticed at the scene include a blooded knife in a homemade explosive device which is located along the Southwest wall in the corner. There is residual soot in front of the homemade explosive device and a lamp cord is also near the device. The lamp itself is sitting on a brown bureau with no bulb and wires missing from it. Blood splatter is also on a desk

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