CRJ 305 Week 4 DQ 1 Restorative Justice

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This archive file of CRJ 305 Week 4 Discussion Question 1 Restorative Justice comprises:

Community Court has become a widely used and useful tool in addressing quality of life issues and crimes that affect the surrounding community. How is Restorative Justice being used in this forum and how does Restorative Justice work as a crime prevention tool? What are the benefits of Restorative Justice to the Community? What are the benefits to the Offender? Explain in at least 200

Law - General Law
Factors that Cause Crime . In Chapter 1 of Crime Prevention , the author discusses factors that cause crime. Select a specific crime or criminal issue. What are three factors that lead to the crime or criminal justice issue you identified? Identify possible solutions to the crime or criminal justice issue you selected. Why do you think these solutions would be effective solutions? Are your solutions cost effective?

SARA Problem-Solving Process . The Department of Justice published the pamphlet, Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps . Step 7 addresses the Problem solving process. Discuss the four components of the SARA model. How does the SARA model contribute to identifying and narrowing the crime or criminal issue for study? Why is it important to proceed through each step consecutively and not skip steps?

Journal Article Review: Court Crime Prevention Programs . During this course you will submit three journal article reviews from the Ashford Online Library. You can use this research in your Final Project due in Week Five. The reviews will addresses crime prevention strategies through one of the following criminal justice system components:

a. Policing Crime Prevention Programs – policing, schools, community oriented policing (covered in Chapter 7 of Crime Prevention )

b. Court Crime Prevention Programs – the Courts or sente...

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