CRJ 1 Final

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: May 13, 2014
Criminal Justice System Final
From the beginning of the this semester until now, there were many fascinating court cases and injustices in the court system that grabbed my attention. What is even more is that these injustices that happens are happening around us everyday. There were many topics that caught my attention, however, throughout the course, the topic that stood out the most is about genders and how they play a role in the Criminal Justice system. From understanding such ways our criminal justice system go after some of these gender differences related case, I believe women and men should be treated equally and not based on their specific gender when it comes to being convicted in the criminal justice system instead of from a double standard viewpoint. The role of men and women play in the society, the cases each can be convicted of, and the how society treats each of them are just some ways how gender can plays a major role in the Criminal Justice System.

The role women play in society, many people believe, is that women are innocent and nothing can go wrong. According to a case from “The Crime and Punishment In American History” book, it talks about a case regarding Lizzy Borden and her being convicted of the murder of her father and stepmother. In this case, the prosecutor attempts to charge Lizzy Borden of axing down both her father and stepmother in their home in Massachusetts. In this case, however, Lizzy was seen as being innocent and many believe it cannot be her to murder her father and stepmother. The society are willing to believe it to be the servant or some other suspect. I personally found this information quite fascinating because it shows how much injustice can get involved when gender plays a part in your favor. With society on your side believing that women are not murderers nor violent, it is hard to believe or convict Lizzy Borden of the killing of her father and stepmother. Another example is about Clara Fallmer, from...
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