critisism of the microcredit if NGOs in Bangladesh

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The critisism of microcredit programs of NGOs in Bangladesh

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M. hosen siddiquee
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Rinat Jahan
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It is a great honor for us to work on the assigned topic and we feel glad to accomplish our task. Along with our sincerity and interest, there are few people, who really helped us to make this endeavor to be a successful one.

At first, we would like to pass our appreciation, gratitude and thanks to our honorable teacher MD. Bakhtiar Uddin. His valuable suggestions and ideas in every step of our work helped us a lot to prepare this paper.

Special thanks are due to the people of Trishal Upazilla for helping us in collecting the required data for the work.
Finally, we acknowledge the profound blessings and kindness of the almighty.

The present study explores the criticism of the microcredit programs of NGOs in the Trishal Upazilla under Mymensingh district. Here, we use primary data which we collect through field survey. And we found out that there has some problem of microcredit program of NGOs. This paper also examines empirically the impact of microcredit on the study area and found out that the interest rate of NGOs is very high. This study also discusses and suggests ways to overcome the problem. So we structured this paper as follows. The first two sections of the paper provide the introduction, objective and explain the research methodology. Section three outlines the literature review. Section four explains the overall condition of the microcredit program of NGOs in the study area and also in case of Bangladesh. And section finally provides recommendation and concluding remarks.

Key words: NGOs, Microcredit, interest rate, efficiency of credit, socioeconomic condition.

Background of the study:
Bangladesh, a country located in the south-east Asian region, inhabits above 160 million people in 55.598 sq. mile. And Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries, remains a poor, overpopulated, and inefficiently governed national. And poverty is the main problem of this country. Now a large number of NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) are working to alleviate the poverty of the masses. They have played a very significant role in opening up access to credit for the poor people in distant areas. During the last three decades the idea of microcredit helps poor people to build businesses, increase their income and also fight against poverty. Microcredit has been introduced to rural communities in Bangladesh as a means of economic and social development. But in some cases microcredit programs of NGOs was not so satisfactory. We study about the negative impact of NGOs of Trishal Upazilla under Mymensingh district. The total population of this area is 372498 where a total area is 338.98 and 43.30 percent (2005, World Bank) people live under poverty line. The study reveals the socio economic condition, microcredit problem and also the positive and negative attitude of NGOs in the study area.

Objective of the study:
The core purpose of the study is to identify the criticism of NGOs operation. The specific objectives are To understanding the nature of the problem.
 To identify the microcredit problem of the study area.
 To examine the effects of NGO sector in the study area.

Methodology of the study:
The study is an exploratory by nature and is based on both primary and secondary data. We have collected primary data through questionnaire method. To determine the major problems of microcredit program of NGOs and socio economic condition of Trishal Upazilla primary data was collected through field survey. And secondary data are collected from...
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