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Topics: Prime minister, Laughter, Audience Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Laff It Off – Come Clean

On the 1st of February 2013,”Laff It Off” with the title of “Come Clean” was performed at the Ann Johnson Auditorium at St. Gabriel's School at 8:00 p. m. The production was produced by Ian Estwick and directed by Cecily Spencer-Cross. The assistant director was Judy Belle and Angela Weithers managed front of house. The play opens with a usual welcome song to which after the welcome the lights go down and come back up again to a skit,where we see Peta Alleyne in character as the owner of a spa by the name of Nook and Cranny Shore Wellness Centre or as it was called for short “N.C Shore Wellness Centre.” The most memorable of the skits of the N.C Shore Wellness Centre was the one in which the police had supposedly called the spa claiming that it was a brothel. The spa owner (Peta Alleyne) takes up the phone upon its ringing when the policeman calls and states that the NCSWC is a brothel. The spa owner, trying to state the truth, tells him that it is indeed a spa and that no brothel is being ran in that constituency. Va gi gi(Tory Ann Johnson) then appears and converses with the owner, while the owner of the spa is still on the phone with the police.Va gi gi is on the bottom shelf searching for something. When she pulls a tube from the bottom shelf, the spa owner asks her what she is planning to do with it to which Va gi gi replies that she is going to plug up a customer. Persons in the audience laughed, simply because if they were the police it would have sounded a tad strange to them if they were on the phone speaking of them running an undercover brothel, which she denies, then to hear a worker speaking of plugging a tube into someone. Another memorable yet somewhat disturbing skit was the body building championship of the male actors. Lee Legendary (Ishiaka Mcniel), Small Dingo (Simon Alleyne) and Slim Diesel (Crispen Hackett) were the contenders in this interesting competition. They all put on a great show...
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