Critique: Quantitative Research and Black Males

Topics: Quantitative research, Qualitative research, Scientific method Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Critique #1
Goffman, A. (2009). On the run: Wanted men in a Philadelphia Ghetto. American Sociological Association, 74(3), 339-357.

After reading the article, it was clear that it was written to give insight on what really happens in black neighborhoods and how daily lives are affected. Goffman’s (2009) purpose is to show that, “Although recent increases in imprisonment are concentrated in poor Black communities, we know little about how daily life within these neighborhoods is affected” (p. 339). Additionally, there are no research questions directly stated, but are implied throughout the article as to how exactly prejudice and racism towards the black communities can affect a black person’s life and to those around him. The major independent variable in the analysis is that over the years, young black males with little or no education have been imprisoned at least once in their life. The number of people being incarcerated keeps growing. The dependent variable ,or effect, of this cause is how being incarcerated even just once, can affect their daily lives in getting employment and always being on the run because of fear of being incarcerated again. The article did show theoretical frameworks as part of the literature review which focused on young uneducated black males. This article focused on the failure of young black men’s color, on how they could get arrested just by being seen as a black male. Other research and/or studies would focus on the “ghetto,” not just as a black male ghetto, but possibly people from other origins who live in ghettos such as Latino gang members. Goffman (2009) focuses only on black male gender theory. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were used in the article. For quantitative methods, a percentage of black males being imprisoned were shown. As evidence, Pettit and Western (2004) stated, “30 percent of those with only high school diplomas have been to prison, and 60 percent of those who did not finish high...
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