Critique of "I, Robot"

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Final Film Critique Draft
Wanda Williams-Lark
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Stanley Davis
October 10, 2011

The film that I chose for this assignment is” I, Robot.” The film is set in the year 2035 in Chicago. The director is Alex Proyas and stars Will Smith and Bridget Monahan. What I will try to show is that in the near future robotic mechanisms will be able to have some sort of loyalty.

This story is told through the eyes of Det. Del Spooner (Will Smith) He has a dislike of the robots because of an experience he had with one and because of this there is no trust for them. He fears they will take over.

The acting in the film, in my opinion is very good. Will Smith did a good job with this as did his co-star. However, she could have been a little less animated in delivering some of her lines. She sounded almost like the robots she works on.

Cinematography was amazing. Some of the shots in the mise-in scene were shot in medium shots in sharp focus; some were shot from above and below. The lightning is low-key adding to the suspense of what is going on. The special effects were shot frame by frame, and for the robots, actors in green suits were used to simulate the movement. The action scenes were shot using a green screen.

Conclusion Alex Proyas has done an amazing job with this film. The quality of the acting and the storyline from the beginning to end holds you in suspense. Because of this, it leaves you wonder if in the near future robotic mechanisms will be able to have some sort of loyalty.

I, Robot Proyas, Alex
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