Critique of Neil Postman-Technolopoly

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Critique of Neil Postman’s Technopoly and the distribution of technology

In Chapter 1 of Neil Postman’s Technoloply, Postman believes that technology alters our world because it is controlled by individuals who do not want the rest of the world to know how technology is controlled in an effort to keep the power centralized. Postman also discusses the negativity that technology has taken in our society; this negativity is determined because Postman feels that technology is too open and not controlled enough. In an effort to dissect these claims, you must first get past the lethargic wording in the chapter which seems to be drawn out and ambiguous. However, Postman rationalizes his beliefs by expressing the disadvantages of technology in our society. Although, Postman feels so strongly about how technology has become a burden, he does attempt to raise a few advantages of technology, but it is not enough to be convincing that he sees these as actual advantages to society. Summary:

Postman begins this chapter with the story by Plato of Thamus in an effort to illustrate his purpose on speaking about Technology and its destruction. Postman recognizes the value of technology on our society, but just like Thamus, Postman believes that technology should be controlled and limited as he believes that technology is too accessible. That access, as explained by Postman, raises issues with regards to security of identity and on one’s own personal livelihood. Postman goes on to state that technology and computers have in fact damaged our society in a sense that no one other than the creators of technology can control technology. This statement raises the question of whether or not technology can really be controlled. However, Postman does not discuss this belief, he instead leaves this question as a cliff hanger in his argument. Assessment & Response:

While Postman’s piece is a bit painstakingly boring, in the sense...

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