Critique of Film "Georgia Rule"

Topics: Family, Alcoholism, Sexual abuse Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: April 29, 2012
The film ‘Georgia Rule’, directed by Garry Marshall, presents us with many issues in a very hesitant and unsatisfying way. One issue presented and discussed in the film that is portrayed in an unsatisfying way is dysfunctional families because of the constant arguing and fighting. This is evident as throughout the movie there is a continuous string of heated tension. Sexual abuse is also dealt with in an unfulfilling way because it not dealt with to a realistic point of view; it leaves the audience wondering what happened between the family in the aftermath of admitting to sexual abuse. However, issues that are presented in a satisfying way are alcohol abuse and denial, all of which symbolises all the hard work the characters go through to make their relationship what they all want it to be. Religion is also portrayed, in both a satisfying and unsatisfying way. It is unsatisfying as some of the rules and morals are broken, but satisfying as they try to fix them. Lots of everyday issues arise in this film. It helps viewers to realise the many differences and similarities in people’s lives and traditions that make up this world. The film ‘Georgia Rule’ portrays the issue of a dysfunctional family with poor relationship skills in a hesitant, unsatisfying way. Throughout the film a sense of resentment and hate is evident, relating to 3 generations of relationships between a grandmother, mother and daughter. A lack of respect and trust is shown in the film, such as in the opening scenes when Lilly is driving along the highway at a slow pace, with Rachel walking along side. Rachel screams at her mother, saying: “You want me to go and live with some old bitch that you can’t even stand and I don’t even know. I’m out of your life. You won! So just please get out of mine.” This quote signifies the tension and uncomfortable behaviour breaking the bonds of this family. This issue failed to express the message of a close family through a lack of detail, as...
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