Critique of Equal Opportunity Act, 2000 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Affirmative action Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: October 25, 2008
Critique of Equal Opportunity Act, 2000

1.Indicate (if any exists) the definition for discrimination in the Equal Opportunities Act. Comment on the said issue.

There is no clearly defined meaning for discrimination in the Equal Opportunity Act, 2000. According to Boatright, discrimination describes a large number of wrongful acts in employment, housing, education, medical care and other important areas of public life. Although discrimination in each of these areas take different forms, what they have in common is that a person is deprived of some benefit or opportunity because of membership in some group toward which there is substantial prejudice.”

Discrimination can be intentional or unintentional, and occurs and is present in all walks of life. Equal employment opportunities are the basis for the laws and regulations that were created to protect employees from discriminatory practices.

2.Justify the relevance of the Act with relation to its addressing of the various types of discrimination in employment as outlined by Boatright.

Boatright outlines five forms of discrimination under employment, as follows: ·Discrimination on the Basis of Sex
·Religious Discrimination
·National Origin Discrimination
·Age Discrimination
·Discrimination against the Handicapped

The Equal Opportunities Act, 2000 is relevant to the types of discrimination outlined by Boatright, as mentioned above, save Age Discrimination. The Act addresses discrimination in employment, particularly against applicants and employees. It makes specific reference to discrimination in employment as it applies to sex, race, ethnicity, origin (including geographical origin), religion, marital status and disability. No mention is made of age discrimination in the Act.

According to Boatright, age discrimination occurs mainly by employers who perceive that younger employees have more up-to-date skills and innovative ideas. These employers move older employees...
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