Critique of Ada and Affirmative Action Paper

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Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action Paper
The population of the Unites States of America consists of a variety people. Many races, cultures, and beliefs exist in the country. Individuals also vary upon characteristics, genetics, mental capabilities, and social status. The Unites States of America is known as the “land of the opportunity” (Home of Heroes, 2011) across the world. Individuals travel near and far to join the country. Over the years, many individuals have come to the country. They have established families and became citizens. Other cultures, and even other characteristics, haven’t always been welcome. In the past years, individuals, organizations, educators, and government have discriminated against these minority groups. Minority groups ranked at the bottom when being considered for a job or school. Minority groups were not treated the same as the average population in many organizations and society. Two acts have been imposed to stop the discrimination of these minorities. The imposed acts are known as Affirmative Action and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This paper defines both imposed acts, past to present. Affirmative Action

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines Affirmative Action as “positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and business from which they have been historically excluded. When those steps involve preferential selection—selection on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicity—affirmative action generates intense controversy.” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2001) The history

Affirmative Action has a long history. It was first used in the 1960’s in the Civil Rights Act. In 1965 the President ordered Affirmative Action to be applied to federal contractors (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2001). Imposing Affirmative Action resulted in organization creating quotas. Quotas are known as a “plan” to allow a specific amount...

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