Critique - Charles Baudelaire

Topics: Les Fleurs du mal, Charles Baudelaire, Symbolism Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 15, 2001
Final Critique

The topic of this critique about Charles Baudelaire is kind of an insight into the background of his life. His life was filled with an immense amount of mental and physical suffering. Charles was an alcoholic and had lots of drug addictions. He seemed to dwell in his own problems and self-pity (p. 93).

In the poem "The Dog and the Scent Bottle" there are examples of his self-regard. This poem explained how his life went up and down and all the problems he had to overcome. It is noted to be "garbage" and was rejected (as he was in life). Another example of his vulgar techniques is found in the poem "Carrion". His idea of transgressed existence is interpreted through a rotting carcass of what appears of what appears to be a mule (p. 157). It's a great example he uses to express his feelings towards this. His writing is hard to figure out and that's why you have to read in between the lines.

Baudelaire does however, take the time to indulge in his own addictions. "The Soul of Wine", is his way of putting the bottle on a pedestal. He analyzes the contours of the bottle and refers to the wine itself as "the savior of mankind".

The method and development of this essay is somewhat sinister. The critic uses negativity and sarcasm to portray Baudelaire's style. I feel as though uses his own life and experiences to influence his writings (as do most authors). The critic uses textual evidence as well as biographical sketch for the development of the essay.

I would have to say that the critic was very successful in persuading me, the reader, to lean towards his views of this author. As soon as I read this essay I was easily persuaded into thinking the man in this poem was probably a loner, and a drunk. I came to the conclusion that he based his works on his personal strengths and weaknesses. An example of this would be in two of his works, "Allegory" and Metamorphoses of a Vampire" each describing a woman. In each, the women...

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