Criticism over Godard's Masculin&Feminin Film

Topics: Jean-Luc Godard, Film, French New Wave Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Criticism of Masculin Feminin film of Jean-Luc Godard

written by
Furkan Safak

After World War II, the world was in a transition area from warfare to “Cold War” ,the period in which countries tried to establish themselves as a new form of ”republics“ rather than “empires”. We would have rights to say that there was three main parts of the world two of which were actually ”sides”. Those sides were unquestionably capitalism and socialism, better to call the U.S and USSR. Those two sides were clearly competing for the sake of almost everything such as industry, transportation, space studies etc. Apart from those two sides, there was also Europe. After WWII, Europe clearly understood that they have had enough of wars and disasters, especially if we take Hitler into account when thinking this condition. Thus, we more saw European countries trying to establish new orders, laws and systems to recover big losses they have got after seeing two world wars in a row just in 30 years. Thinking in this context, new systems have emerged, new ideas showed up in art forms as well.

Godard’s movie Masculin&Feminin can be explained as a good example of these new art forms. Cinema had had its 50-60 years of history before WWII already. Differently and ,maybe shockingly, it has improved itself way more than it is expected in this short period. It was the latest form of art by that time. So that, new thinking ways and approaches have been developed and applied in this narrative art form. French New Wave was one of the most important movements in this context, criticizing mainstream Hollywood Cinema and applying new approaches, techniques to cinema films. It has more than this though. This new wave had those applications, but further, it had a completely new way of thinking and standing against linear narrative form of cinema. It had a strong sub-text in its actions.

Taking Godard’s movie Masculin&Feminin into consideration, we will try to explain what was...
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