Critically Reading a Position Essay

Topics: Pregnancy, Sexually transmitted disease, Birth control Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Lisa Williams

April 2, 2012

English 102: Comp II

Critically Reading a Position Essay

Due: Saturday
Points: 20

To test the thesis that argument can be found everywhere, read “The Argument Culture” starting on page (636) [634]. In an MS Word document, copy and paste an example of an argument and explain why it can be defined as such. Your example should focus on an issue about which there is significant and rational disagreement. Summarize the issue and spell out the reasons and evidence offered. This is most easily achieved by completing the statement “This arguer wants us to believe . . . because . . ..” (See #1 of “Practice,” page (680) [678].)

“When right-wing politicians and activists go after Planned Parenthood, which has been one of their favorite pastimes in recent years, they often say they are fighting against abortion.

That’s what Representative Mike Pence, the Indiana Republican, said when the House voted to kill all of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. That’s the excuse Texas lawmakers gave when they slashed money for women’s health services—including of course grants for Planned Parenthood clinics—by two thirds. Texas is now planning to shut down a Medicaid program that serves 130,000 women—in the name of preventing Planned Parenthood from getting money for abortions.

These politicians are telling the truth about one thing: they don’t like Planned Parenthood.

But it’s simply not true that abortion is what’s at stake here—at least not primarily. The Hyde Amendment, which Congress has been tacking onto Medicaid spending bills for 36 years, already prohibits the spending of federal money on abortion services.

Here’s what laws that target Planned Parenthood actually do: They reduce health care options for millions of women around the country who will never want or have an abortion.

As Pam Belluck and Emily Ramshaw reported in the Times today, more than a dozen Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas have closed...
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